Pamela Theus and Jane Bambrick Plan Retirements

Two librarians, Pamela Theus and Jane Bambrick, will retire at the end of June 2017.

Jane Bambrick and Pamela Theus

In June, the Cheng Library will celebrate the retirements of two librarians. Pamela Theus, Assistant Director for Resource Management and Jane Bambrick, Reference Librarian, will be retiring at the end of June 2017.

Pamela Theus began her career at William Paterson in 1988, working in both the Cataloging and Acquisitions Departments.  During her second academic year, she was assigned a new project by then Library Director, Bob Goldberg – to compile a list of books, articles and scores recently published by William Paterson College faculty. Over the years, that compilation of published works has grown from 101 to 351 citations, and currently includes films and poems.  The accompanying  annual reception for the authors has also become an honored tradition that now coincides with the University’s program, Explorations, dedicated to research, scholarship and creative expression.

As Pam noted, “If you work at one place long enough, you can look back and marvel at how far procedures have evolved. When I wanted to run an acquisitions report, I had to start it on Friday afternoon and hope that it finished printing by Monday morning without a problem. And my first author bibliography was done on an electric typewriter.”

While technology has certainly affected procedures in a good way, it has also negated some cultural phenomena. Pam observed, “There was a time when everyone attended a daily coffee break.  It provided an opportunity to see and talk with your colleagues. Now you may go days without seeing someone, unless you make a concerted effort to do so – which I feel is still important.” 

The library world is in the midst of numerous other changes, and Pam is happy for the Library to embrace those changes. “We’ve always had a culture that prided itself on service and professional activity.  I’d like us to continue in that vein and add even more accolades. I’m glad for someone else to implement changes that will continue to maintain our reputation.”

Jane Bambrick also witnessed many changes over her years of employment at the Library. She began working as a cataloger at the then Sarah Byrd Askew Library in October of 1970, and she remembers the long drawers of the catalog bursting with thousands of cards. Computers were not yet in use, so all entries were made either by hand or typewriter. A special device was added to the typewriters so that information could be typed on the 3” by 5” catalog cards.

Over her four decades in the Library Jane worked in both the Cataloging and Reference Departments where she witnessed many changes and new developments. She was trained in the first version of the online searching system which required a telephone connected by modem to a national company and searching fees were calculated by the minute!  She also conducted searches using CD-ROMs and worked with both students and faculty.

She has served as the Library subject selector of books and media in many subject areas and taught in the Library Instruction Program. She also worked as an adjunct instructor at the library school at Pratt Institute and has published articles in library journals. Throughout these many experiences, her greatest enjoyment was providing students with assistance at the Reference Desk. 

Jane witnessed the World Wide Web transform library operations and services into the sophisticated technology of today.  Jane notes that, “My tenure here has provided me with avenues of professional growth and development that enabled me to achieve more than I had ever imagined.”  She loves libraries, books, calligraphy and above all, friends and family.

A farewell reception was held on May 2, 2017 at Nadie’s Touch of Pasta in North Haledon, New Jersey.  The staff of the Cheng Library wish both Pam and Jane well as they embark on this new chapter of their lives.

May 03, 2017