Grant Guidelines


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The Center for Teaching and Learning funds projects that show promise of distinctive and unique contribution to the learning of William Paterson University students. Such distinction may lie in application of technology, in the content of a course, or in its teaching techniques. Applications are due April 1st of each spring semester

I. Program Description
The Center for Teaching and Learning provides support for course innovation or modification or curriculum development which shows innovation in design, technique, or application. This innovation must be distinctive, significant, and sustainable. Each project proposal will be evaluated according to these criteria:

1. DISTINCTIVE: the project establishes a new direction for instruction

2. SIGNIFICANT: the project has far-reaching results (it extends beyond a single course, a
limited group of students, or even beyond the campus)

3. SUSTAINABLE: the project's supporters in the Department/Program and the College provide evidence that the need exists for such a project and that they will support the project in the future

Themes of special interest for 1999 are those involving interdisciplinary and crossdisciplinary work.

The awards will provide the applicant(s) a summer stipend equivalent to one course's remuneration or released time for the applicant(s) during the academic year. Released time funds will go to the applicant(s)' department(s)' to cover the actual cost of providing the released time (e.g., hiring an adjunct).

II. What to Submit
A. Completed application form
B. An itemized budget (if appropriate)
C. A narrative section describing the proposed project and its expected effect on teaching, including the following:

1. A detailed description of the particular innovation addressing the three criteria noted above. The description should be at least two but no more than five double-spaced pages.

2. Atimetable for the project

3. A description of the project personnel (e.g., graduate assistants, students, consultants) and their specific tasks

4. A tentative syllabus which contains a statement of both course objectives and the learning outcomes expected

5. A description of proposed methods of assessment of the project's success or failure. (This last will be part of the final report on the project.)

D. Recommendation statements from the Chairperson(s) and Dean(s)
Please deliver one original and 3 copies of the proposal to the Center for Teaching and Learning by the deadline for consideration for that particular round. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the review within four weeks of their application. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant without review.

III. Guidelines

  • All applications should be clear and concise with all submitted materials typed.
  • Travel to conferences or discipline-specific professional association meetings are not allowed unless it is needed and justified within the application as necessary for the conduct of the proposed activity.
  • Grants are not designed to support expenses that are normally covered by an applicant's Department or College.
  • Faculty must submit a final report describing the project to the Center for Teaching Exellence within 30 days of the completion of the project.

Please send questions, suggestions or comments to Sharmila Pixy Ferris, Director of Center for Teaching Excellence .