Sociology 354-80, Korgen

Welcome Letter for Social Stratification

Professor: Dr. Kathleen Korgen
Department: Sociology
Course No. & Section: SOC35480
Office Hours: Raubinger 420

Hello and welcome to Social Stratification!

This course provides an overview of stratification and growing inequality in the United States. In doing so, it examines the relationships among race, gender, and class. Students in this course are active participants in their learning. All students must be motivated to take part in online discussions. Requirements include completing assigned readings and keeping current with news events.


Students will learn how 1) the United States is stratified economically, socially, and politically and the role of gender and racial/ethnic oppression in that system of stratification, 2) the system of stratification in the United States compares with that in other nations and 3) how their social class position impacts their life chances.


The American Class Structure in an Age of Growing Inequality (8th edition) by Dennis Gilbert, Pine Forge, 2010


Be sure to follow the directions for each discussion board and the papers! You MUST cite your book and use proper spelling and grammar. Methods of Evaluation: Discussion Boards 8% each (5) = 40% 11 multiple choice tests 3% each (11) = 33% Paper One = 13% Paper Two = 14%

You MUST use proper grammar and spelling in order to receive a decent grade!

The discussion boards and papers have clear and non-negotiable deadlines. Early postings and papers are welcome but late ones will not be accepted.

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Good luck and have fun in the course! Dr. Kathleen Korgen