Sociology 241-80, Parrillo

Welcome Letter for Minority Groups in America


Vincent N. Parrillo




Course No. & Section:

SOC 241-80



Office Hours:

Raubinger 430

Hello and welcome to Minority Groups in America!

Beginning with a general introduction to various theories and concepts about the sociology of minorities, this course proceeds to a comparative examination of all minority groups from colonial beginnings to the present. Not only will students learn more about their own groups, but they will also develop new insights and understandings in recognizing the sociological patterns that help us to analyze the dynamic field of intergroup relations and to discuss intelligently the issues and concerns consuming contemporary debate.



An online course is much different from a traditional class. For one thing, it is writing intensive to offset time in class spent on lectures and discussions. You must play a far more active role, working with the online materials, contributing on a regular basis to online discussions, and you must fully explore the online interface on your own, yet you may ask me for help or clarification whenever you need it.

All readings, discussions, and assignment submissions are online only. An online course is neither more difficult nor easier than the same course taught in a conventional classroom, but you must discipline yourself to do the weekly assignments and complete the quizzes within the allotted time frame. DO NOT FALL BEHIND! Assignments all have due dates and there are severe grading penalties for missing them, no matter what the excuse.

Also, Blackboard enables me to keep track of each time you log on and the extent of your participation. As explained more fully in the welcome note under ?Course Information? in Blackboard, your participation is an integral part of your grade.



Parrillo, Vincent N., Strangers to These Shores, tenth edition only (Boston: Allyn & Bacon, 2011).
NOTE: You can buy a hard copy online at or on campus at the University Bookstore. You can also rent it as an E-book for 180 days at a cost of $65.90 by going to and entering the book title.
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Get this book right away as your quizzes are based on readings and these quizzes must be taken within each week's span of time. The deadline for completion of quiz 1 is September 7.



Grades will be based on the following formula:

Participation in Discussion Board 15 points; Quizzes 65 points; Final Exam 20 points.

You can track your academic achievement by looking at your gradebook. It is possible to earn more than 15 points in Discussion Board participation. These extra credit points will then be applied against your quiz grades.

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Good luck and have fun in the course! Vincent N. Parrillo