Psychology 210-81, Vail

Subject: Fall 2010 PSY 210 Developmental Psychology



WELCOME to PSY 210 Developmental Psychology! This course will be taught entirely online through the Blackboard (Bb) delivery system. This course is about human development throughout the life span. It will cover physical, personality, social, emotional and cognitive development in its sociocultural context. Issues of race, class, gender and culture will be examined as they interact with development. My hope is that you’ll find the subject interesting and that you’ll learn a lot by taking the class.  



In order to cover the chapters in the text, we will be reading, discussing and testing on 1-2 chapters per week. Please obtain the text before the start of class. Feel free to begin reading and outlining chapters 1 and 4 (note that we will be skipping chapters 2 and 3).



The text we’ll use is Development Across the Life Span Fifth Edition by Robert Feldman 2008. It is published by Pearson Education, Inc. The bookstore will have copies available.




Your grade will be based on participation (25%) as measured by

contributions to the Discussion Board, and tests (75%). There are 19 chapters in the text, and you will be tested on 16 of them. There are no makeup tests (other than the optional cumulative final described below). If you can’t take a test during the designated period, then you’ll need to contact me during the first week of class and we’ll make arrangements for you to take the test before the designated period. Since students may encounter computer problems, students will be allowed to retake one test.

There will be an optional cumulative final at the end of the class. This test can only improve your grade. I will substitute your grade on the optional cumulative final for your lowest test grade.