Music 120-80, Coll


This course will provide an approach to perceptive listening and serve as an introduction to musical elements, forms, and stylistic periods. There will be discussions of composers’ lives, individual as well as period styles and representative works from each era—Middle Ages to the present. Hopefully, the course will broaden your musical horizons and help you to develop important listening skills.

It is of the utmost importance that the course text, Music: An Appreciation (Sixth Brief Edition) by Roger Kamien, which is bundled with a set of 5 CDs, is purchased immediately as well as the accompanying Study Guide and Student Workbook (Sixth Edition), also by Roger Kamien. No previous editions can be used.  Almost all of the course material will be taken from these books and recordings, including quizzes, exams, weekly papers and guidelines for concert reports.

During each week of the course, assignments will be given and submission times for each must be strictly observed. Students who have taken online courses before will be familiar with submission procedures, Group Pages and Discussion Forum. If you have not, it would be a good idea to access the Student Manual on the home page of the Blackboard site to familiarize yourself with the format.

For starters, log on to Blackboard ( using your last name, first initial, and usually a number. You can look up your username at:

Specific course information will be given in the syllabus as well as a schedule for each week of the semester. I am looking forward to being your instructor this semester and hope that this will be a worthwhile experience for you.

Best wishes,

Prof. Peter Coll

Music Department