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Hello and welcome to ELEMENTARY STATISTICS!

Course Description: This course studies the development of statistical concepts with applications to various disciplines. Topics include descriptive and inferential statistical techniques. The latter are explained in terms of concepts from probability theory such as normal distribution, t-distribution, sampling theory, estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, t-test, Chi square test, analysis of variance and regression and correlation. The software package SPSS is used to perform statistical analysis.



Students should be able to: 1.Effectively express themselves in statistical terms either in written or oral form. 2.Demonstrate ability to think critically and effectively by utilizing statistical methods or SPSS to perform data analysis. 3.Locate and use information from SPSS output to draw statistical conclusion. 4.Demonstrate ability to integrate knowledge and ideas in a coherent and meaningful manner. 5.Understand basic statistical methods and choose a suitable method. 6.Perform statistical analysis, such as estimation, hypothesis testing, regression analysis and draw conclusions. 7.Effectively utilize SPSS to perform data analysis and draw conclusion from SPSS output.



Book Title: Understanding Basic Statistics Author: Brase/Brase Edition: 5th



3 Exams (20 pts each): 60% Homework Assignments (10 pts): 10% Final Exam (30 pts): 30% Total: 100%

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Good luck and have fun in the course! Eliana Antoniou