Math 110-80 & 81, Rosar

Hello Everyone,

In MATH 110 - Contemporary Mathematics Online you will learn some of the basic ideas in contemporary mathematics with emphasis on the applications to real-world problems. The main course objective is to introduce students to some mathematical ideas used in everyday life. 

The course consists of a series of lessons organized according to the textbook, The Nature of Mathematics, Edition 11E, Karl J. Smith, Brooks/Cole Publishing (2007).   Instead of attending traditional lectures, you will be assigned readings from the book.  Read the book.

All MATH 110 activities will be conducted entirely via our Blackboard (BB) page, which will serve as a comprehensive interactive online complement to the textbook. The material of the website covers all assigned topics from the book.  Don’t forget to read the book.

MATH 110-online is divided into eight lessons. Each lesson presents new material and it has the following sections:

  •  Lecture Notes
    Lectures introducing new topics to be studied.
  • Reading Assignments
    Chapters of the textbook that must be read and studied.
  •  Problem Sets
    A list of representative problems from each chapter to help you understand the weekly material. Problem sets will constitute a minimum requirement to get to understand the course material.  You are encouraged you to read more topics on your own during (and after you finished this) course.
  • Lesson Homework

Every assignment has a corresponding homework, which is a list of exercises that must be submitted online at the end of the week(s) allocated for the lesson. Homework amounts for 40% of the course grade.

  • Lesson Summary

For each lesson you need to submit a short summary highlighting what you have learned and consider most important about the topics, including any real-world applications. It must be submitted online. Summaries account for 10% of the course grade.



There will be two required projects for this course. Each project is worth 15% of the course grade each. 

There is also a final exam worth 20% of the course grade.

After you read each lesson and corresponding book section, you should attempt to do the problems assigned for that lesson to make sure that you understand the material. Some of the assignments may be easy, others a bit frustrating. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems. A discussion board is available for you to discuss the material amongst yourselves.  Please use it.  Help is also available through the Academic Support Center.  This course material will take some time to learn and understand. Depending on the lesson and other factors, one should expect to spend 5 hours on the Lesson and Problem areas for each week. Another hour should be reserved for the required homework in each section.  Do not wait until the last minute to do the assignments. 

Please read carefully the requirement, assignment and grade pages. In particular, pay attention to the timelines and deadlines. It helps to have a global picture of the course as soon as possible.

Please visit the Announcements page every time you log on since I will place there any current important information about the course.   Any changes in assignments, deadlines, etc. will also be posted to the Announcements page.

It is assumed that you are knowledgeable with

  • Internet surfing,
  • E-mail (sending and receiving attachments),
  • Plug-ins (installing and using them when necessary),
  • Inserting files (pictures, tables, etc) into a document;

and that you have access to

  • The minimum computer equipment required at all times (check with Blackboard Support if you have questions)
  • Your wpunj e-mail account and that this will be the only e-mail account that you will use during the course,
  • Microsoft Word (or any compatible word processor).

Therefore, there will be no orientation for this course and we will not meet in person at any time during the course.  You may, however, make an appointment to meet with me in my office if you need to do so.  In addition, we will hold online “chat sessions” (schedule to be announced) during which you can ask questions and discuss any of the course material.  If you are not familiar with Blackboard, please visit Student Guide to the Blackboard Course Management System

I will not accept

  • Any printed submissions
  • Late assignments
  • Technical excuses, such as "my computer froze", "I could not access the website", "I did not receive the e-mail", "a virus attacked my computer" and so on for not doing or submitting your work on time.

If you do not have the necessary equipment and computer skills to take this course, please drop the course and take it at a later time.

We will communicate in two ways:
Discussion Board: Remember that any message post to the board will be read by the entire group. If you are replying to an individual, use their personal email instead. Remember that using the reply option to answer a message will send your message to everyone in the class.

Personal E-mail: It should be used when you send your questions and/or files to me or if you want to communicate privately with your classmates. You MUST use your William Paterson University e-mail address:

You MUST place “Math110-80” or “Math110-81” in the subject line.  If you do not, I will not read your email.

Failing to check your wpunj e-mail messages on a regular basis may cause you to miss important information and deadlines. I will use only WPUNJ student addresses to deliver class messages.

I look forward to working with you and I hope that you have a productive and valuable experience.

  Dr. Rosar