History 102-83, Renaud

Welcome Letter

History 102 – 83 The West and the World

Fall, 2010



Welcome to History 102 – 83, The West and the World.  I look forward to getting to know you in the next few weeks.

The best way to reach me is through email.  My email address is renaude@wpunj.edu

Make sure that in the subject line of your email you indicate Hist. 102.  I want to make sure that I respond to each and every one of your concerns. If you do not identify yourself as a student enrolled in Hist 102, there is always the possibility that your email will not be noticed.


Our textbook will be Western Civilization: A Brief History, Volume II from the 1400’s by Marvin Perry, 6th ed.

There will also be additional reading material available to you during the course on the Blackboard site.

This is a reading and writing intensive course!  We will be covering a great deal of material (from the seventeenth century to the present) and I will be expecting you to analyze, synthesize and report weekly.

Please make sure that you have the necessary technology to succeed in this class. 

Check the Bb site, https://bb.wpunj.edu/webapps/login for what is needed.

Make sure that you have Microsoft Word.  I cannot guarantee that I will be able to read anything that is sent to me if it is not in Word.  If I cannot read it, you cannot be graded.

Talk to you soon!


                                                                                    Ellen Renaud