Communication 210-80, Campbell

William Paterson University

Fall 2010 Online

Media Writing COMM 210-80

Welcome Letter

Welcome to Media Writing COMM 210-80. My name is Melissa Campbell; my email is and my cell phone is 732-235-1569. Please note that I work full time in corporate communications so please contact me via cell phone only in an absolute emergency.


The REQUIRED texts for this course are:

Stovall, James Glen. (2009) Writing for the Mass Media, 7th ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

The Associated Press Style Manual

I found new copies of Writing for the Mass Media on Amazon for $55 plus shipping but I understand you may be able to rent this book. Follow this link for more information:

William Paterson University will begin offering textbook rental services this fall.
Submitted By: / Scott Dunlap

You may also want to check the WPU library reserve section, as it is possible other professors teaching this course may put a copy on reserve.

As a required course for the Communication major, Media Writing will expose you to the various conventions and styles associated with this type of writing.  Each week, I will provide a lecture explaining one topic as well as a written assignment that is due the following week. 

Writing for the media typically involves strict deadlines.  As such, ALL assignments will be due by 9 a.m. Monday morning, no exceptions. If you do not submit the assignment by that time, you will not receive credit for it, nor will you have an opportunity to hand it in later.

I will post the lecture no later than Monday at 9 a.m. giving you a full week to complete the readings and assignments.

Our first lecture will be posted on TUESDAY, September 7th, due to the Labor Day holiday, and then every MONDAY after that.

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the rest of the summer

I am looking forward to “meeting” you all soon!


Melissa Campbell