Anthropology 350-80, Lozny

William Paterson University

Department of Anthropology

ANTH 350-80,

Shamans, Witches, and Magic


Instructor: Ludomir Lozny



Welcome to Shamans, Witches, and Magic



Before we start please read this letter carefully and e-mail me any questions you might have concerning the course and its requirements.


Textbooks required

Pamela A. Moro and James E. Myers, Magic, Withcraft, and Religion. A Reader in the Anthropology of Religion, 8th edition. McGraw-Hill 2010, ISBN 978-0-07-814001-3


Course description

The course introduces the most recent results in contemporary research, ideas and approaches in anthropology of religion. It presents a comparative approach to the study of various religious beliefs and offers discussions on a range of interests, geographic foci, and alternative ways of looking at each topic related to religion, myth, ritual, and religious specialists.


Teaching Methods

I will use a variety of methods to familiarize the student with the subject of the course. Among them are short writing assignments and the use of visual materials posted on Blackboard, etc. 


Course requirements

Course requirements include studying the textbook, participation in on-line board discussions, and timely submission of weekly assignments and exams.  You will discuss twelve topics (one each week of classes) and have fourteenth weekly assignments including two examinations (midterm and final). I will be submitting new class materials in the beginning of each week and you will have until Saturday of the week to comply with the requirements. Class materials and the grade book will be updated weekly. All weekly assignments and the exams will consist of short essay questions.  You must submit your assignments on time (late submissions will receive lower grade).  Please save all your writings in Word, rtf, or as txt file before uploading to Blackboard.   


Attendance policy

On-line attendance means that you must submit your assignments on time and participate in on-line discussions which will be graded (one cumulative grade for all twelve discussions).  Please familiarize yourself with Blackboard before we start the course. In order to take this class and communicate with me effectively you MUST use e-mail address assigned to you by the university (or compatible). I will NOT accept “technical difficulties” as legitimate excuses for missed assignments or late submissions unless caused by Blackboard failures (which occasionally happen).


Academic dishonesty and plagiarism

Academic dishonesty includes any act designed to fraudulently obtain academic credits, grades, or other recognition for you or someone else.  Some examples are cheating on an exam and plagiarism -- the submission of someone else’s work or ideas as your own without properly acknowledging the source or sources.


Evidence of academic dishonesty will result in a penalty grade for this course.  If you have any questions about academic dishonesty, please feel free to ask me.


Best wishes, Ludomir Lozny