Anthropology 130-80, Lumpkin

William Paterson University

Fall 2010 Online

Introduction To Anthropology ANTH 130-80

Welcome Letter


Welcome to Intro to Anthropology, ANTH 130-80 Fall 2010 Online session.  My name is Professor Kenneth Lumpkin; my email is and cell phone is 973-934-2207.   Feel free to contact me anytime with questions. This will be an intensive but fun online class that will attempt to take a broad view of anthropology, covering the four classic fields: Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Archaeology and Linguistics.  We will do this through virtual classroom discussions, readings, blogs and by email and voicemail.  The texts are:


“Anthropology, The Exploration of Human Diversity”, Kottack, C.P. 13th ed.

“Valuing the Self, What We Can Learn From Other Cultures”, Lee, D.


NOTE: The key component to this online course is participation in the online chat sessions in the virtual classroom feature of Blackboard.  Each topic will be scheduled several times so everyone can fit it into their schedules.  Each session will also be recorded for the student’s review, should a student’s scheduling not permit him or her joining the chat session for a certain topic.


All of my online courses have been quite successful using the virtual classroom feature, and all students have thoroughly enjoyed it, though some have expressed their reservations at first…all have ended up appreciating it and also wondering why all online course instructors don’t use it.


This will be a full but fun course.  I am looking forward to hearing from all of you!



Professor Kenneth Lumpkin

Department of Anthropology

973-934-2207 cell

529-451-7066 landline