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Look for voter registration tables in the student center, speakers in your classrooms and off-campus/high school excursions. Join the YV2K14 team and be a part of something big! Student clubs and organizations can also participate. Individuals and organzations interested in volunteering can write to inquire about how they can plug in.

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Be a Piece of Something Big!

ADP invites all enrolled WPU students to send or deliver their Voter Registration and/or Absentee Ballot Application forms to our office (Raubinger 441, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ 07470) for review and submission. ADP regularly tallies campus Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Application forms, and reviews them for accuracy before mailing to designated government offices for processing by deadlines. This service has proven to minimize common errors made by registrants which may delay or preclude them from voting. NOTE: This is a voluntary service offered by ADP and is not required for the official voter registration process.

Questions? email or call x3921.

In 2008, the big election story was the youth vote! Between 2000 and 2008, young voter increased their turnout by 11% and many experts report that it was young voters who handed the President his win. More impressive, young voters in NJ outpaced the national average and scored a 13% increase. Sadly, however, in 2009 gubernatorial election, those same young voters did not turnout; in fact that election witnessed a decrease of 6% as compared with the previous gubernatorial data. So what happened?

Why did young people sit out the 2009 election? Likewise, in the 2010 mid-term Congressional elections, young people also slipped as compared with the last midterm elections. But why? We know young voters are not more satisfied or less worried: they are as a generation experiencing record-breaking unemployment, student debt, and a new spike in student loan default rates is evident.

So will young voters rally in 2014 or will they sit on the sidelines and let the "grown-ups" decide their futures?

ADP's YV2K14 campaign is premised on the research demonstrating that young voters are more likely to register to vote when approached by a peer. The evidence is also crystal clear that young people are more likely to actually vote when candidates and parties directly address their issues, using the social media and other communication modes commonly used by the young. (see

Heading into the 2014 Elections, ADP at WPU is launching a campus and community-based campaign to register new young voters aged 18-24. The campaign will seek to register college and non-college attending young people, with special attention on those with the lowest turnout rates. The campaign seeks off to remind eligible young voters that they have the numerical power to determine the outcome of the next Congressional election!

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