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The Resources and Support to Make It Happen.

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Bringing together unmatched resources designed for a unique kind of student: one ready to reach all the way, and grasp their dreams and goals.



Will. Power. 101

We understand our students: both their resilience and drive, and what they need to succeed. Our innovative first-year support program combines crucial, practical skills with friendship and peer encouragement, so no one has to go it alone. No other New Jersey school offers a comparable resource. Discover more about Will. Power. 101.


Affordable public
higher education:

A core of our mission

Education is a crucial investment in your future—and you have the grit to achieve it. That’s why we’re committed to making costs manageable through scholarships, grants, work-study options, out-of-state waivers, our own Pledge4Success program, and a host of other options. Learn more about funding your education.

Our Values

Diversity. Community. Engagement

We provide a range of campus support systems for all aspects of student life: a wide array of mentoring and support, social resources for all of our students, and an environment where individuals of all cultures and identities are understood, included and valued. Learn more about campus life at WP.