Will. Power. Program

Will. Power. 101: is a multifaceted program of structured academic and student support services that guides new students as they build the skills to balance their University coursework with other activities and responsibilities.


Students say...


"Entering college as an undecided student and not having a major in mind frightened me. The overall Will. Power. 101 experience helped me realize my abilities and my true passion. Will. Power. 101 has provided me with the proper resources that I need in order to reach my full potential throughout my college journey."

-- Roseli Munoz ’23,  finance major

Maximizing Student Development

The purpose of the Will.Power.101 program is to

  • Truly embrace and embody William Paterson University's motto, "our greatest strength is helping you find yours."
  • The Will.Power.101 program is designed to support first year students as they transition to University expectations and skills in three areas: academics, community engagement and personal development.

Part 2 of this program (Will.Power.102)

  • Focuses on connecting students to self-development opportunities through experience modules, linking academics with future planning, majors and careers development as well as key skills in research, wellness, networking and leadership.
  • Students are connected to facilitators and peer leaders as part of the program; they also assist in connecting students to supports, resources and experiences that further students’ development.

Support System

  • The first form of support first year students receive are their Will.Power. facilitators and Peer Leaders.
  • Our facilitators teach students the skills they need to succeed in both collegiate and professional cultures. Facilitators also keep students informed about the various resources and events available to them on campus.

The topics discussed by facilitators in Will.Power. sessions include

  • Appropriate communication skills, how to work in a diverse environment, conflict management skills, study skills and planning. Facilitators also work with students to calendar upcoming tests, papers, and projects to improve organizational and time management skills.
  • Students also work on increasing test preparation and study skills through study sessions and referrals to tutoring services.
  • All of these tools are transferable to any additional courses our students take.

 Another major part of the Will.Power. support system is the modules and activities in which students participate.

  • First year students have the opportunity to choose from several module options that focus on skills that they feel they need the most help developing.
  • Students can choose from options such as Well-Being, Career Planning, Financial Literacy, Community Development, and more.
  • This experiential component of the program strives to take skill development outside the classroom so that students can learn to apply their skills to real life situations.
  • Students are exposed to all different types of activities and events on campus, allowing them to build connections and branch out to try new things. 

Peer Leaders are successful and involved upperclassmen that are trained to work with our incoming students.

  • Our Peer Leaders connect with students on an individual level and offer advice and assistance based on their own experiences and networks here at William Paterson.
  • Peer Leaders utilize their own knowledge of William Paterson clubs, activities, and resources to help new students get involved.
  • This aspect of support for our students empowers them to find their passion, explore their interests, and make connections.
  • By getting involved on campus and engaging in the Will.Power.102 curriculum, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and take advantage of civic engagement opportunities.

How University Partners Can Get Involved

As we continue to support and assist students in their growth and achievement, we encourage faculty and professional staff to continue to utilize Starfish for any student concerns and issues. This will allow students to learn and maintain accountability and responsibility.

You may contact: 

Amanda Vasquez
Director of New Student Programs
Student Center Suite 301
(973) 720-3768

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Amanda Vasquez
Director of New Student Programs
Student Center Suite 301

Darlene Nestinger
Program Assistant

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