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DV Event - InstagramDomestic Violence and
Transforming Trauma

On Tuesday, October 27th
from 6-7pm on Zoom
Zoom ID: 973 0166 1834
Password: 2020


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Past Events

Fall 2020

Latinidad 2020_image 

Spring 2020

 TBTN VSS 4-16 VSS 4-14 sexual violence prevention VSS 4-7  VSS 4-2  VSS 3-31 VSS 3-26 Cruz WHC Closing 2020  From Voting to Governing_ Women Rise to Power (1) Women Wellness Healthy Relationship Series Part 3 someone must wash the dishes  Women Color the WorldWHC Opening 2020 flyerHealthy Relationship Series Part 2  LGBTQIA FOCUS GROUP 2019  Walking in Pride as a Haitian American BHM 2020   Healthy Relationship Series Part 1

Fall 2019

WHM 2020 Planning meeting 11-19 pdf Its on US Prevention Education Focus Group 11-1 Latinx Cafe con Leche_LGBTQIA the Latinx Community Discussion_lsrvdA Better Man 10.22.19Queer Prom OFFICIALAnnual LGBT Block Party 2019Clothesline Project AnnouncementPPTA Fashion ShowLesFilmFest  Safe Space Training Oct 7 2019 REVISED The Fantasticks Panel Discussion 9.6.19 Welcome Boardwalk event 2019

Spring 2019

Take Back the Night 2019Suicide Prevention Walk 2019HIV Testing April 2019_revComplicate like Cardi - Dr. Gwendolyn Pough_revCareers in WGS - 3.26.19Call Her GandaIWD Film Festival Revised 2-8-19TVM 2019Small Talk Big IssuesWomensHealthFit2019_RECWHC 2019 posterSexual Health Block Party 3.19.19 Escalation Workshop 2.19.19Ericka Hart_FlyerRev You Stalking  FemCo Bus Trip Women s March 2019

Fall 2018

Transgender Day of Remembrance 11.20.18  The hunting ground  11.19.18 It s On Us_Nov 8 2018

Spring 2018


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