Did You Know....

  • There are over 5,000 enrolled transfer students at WPU.
  • Our current President of the United States was also a transfer student. U.S.News Article. 
  • William Paterson's previous Student Government Association President was also a transfer student.
  • Transfer students have become Orientation Leaders.
  • WPU transfer students have won awards for Who's Who Among College Students.
  • Transfer students have become presidents within Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB).

 Student Center Suite 301 

        Monday - Friday 
       8:30 AM - 4:30 PM       *By appointment early AM and/or Evenings are available.

        Amanda Vasquez
      Director of Transfer
       Student Experience 
           (973) 720-2929

         Keyana Darby
      Student Transitions                         Specialist 
          (973) 720-3700

         Dawn Decker
     Student Success                         Coordinator 
         (973)720-3720                      deckerd5@wpunj.edu 

       Jevon Morgan
    Student Transitions                            Specialist
         (973) 720- 3739 

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