Necessary Tools

  • Register for classes each semester during your open Registration Window, so you do not get closed out of the courses you need.
  • Refer to the Academic Calendar and your academic advisor for dates and time limits for dropping/adding and/or withdrawing from a course.
  • Check your WPU email regularly as it is the primary source of communication from the University.
  • Utilize the many available tutoring resources available on campus.
  • Build rapport with professors every semester and identify those with interests similar to your own.
  • Contact faculty about assisting in their research.
  • Research WP Graduate Programs and other graduate schools starting in your junior year.
  • Participate in campus events.
  • Consider running for seats in the Student Government Association.
  • Become a member of student organizations.
  • Set up a WPJobConnect account and upload a resume.
  • Explore interests, abilities and skills through seminars and academic courses.
  • Talk to people in careers of particular interest and inquire about daily activity.
  • Ensure voice mail greeting and email addresses are professional.
  • Review social networking sites and/or personal web pages for appropriate, professional content.
  • Begin to build a professional network.
  • Seek out volunteer opportunities.
  • Meet with a Financial Aid counselor.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid annually (priority deadline is April 1st).
  • Create a personal budget. Review and update it regularly.
  • Get your flu shot during the fall flue shot session.
  • Take advantage of programs and workshops offered by the Counseling Health and Wellness Center and the Women’s Center.

 Student Center Suite 301 

        Monday - Friday 
       8:30 AM - 4:30 PM       *By appointment early AM and/or Evenings are available.

        Amanda Vasquez
      Director of Transfer
       Student Experience 
           (973) 720-2929

         Keyana Darby
      Student Transitions                         Specialist 
          (973) 720-3700

         Dawn Decker
     Student Success                         Coordinator 

       Jevon Morgan
    Student Transitions                            Specialist
         (973) 720- 3739

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