Energy Conservation

In consideration of Climate Leadership, WPUNJ has reduced greenhouse gas emissions 31 percent since 2007 and aims to achieve a 50 percent reduction by 2020. Energy efficiency technologies have helped the University reduce electrical consumption by over 30% and natural gas consumption by over 50%, and we continue to pursue further reductions. Over one-quarter of WPUNJ’s energy purchases come from renewable sources and a recently completed energy audit of 26 buildings has provided recommendations for further improvements to building efficiency.  The University has also committed to further energy reductions through a campus wide LED lighting retrofit program.  Starting in the summer of 2016, this multi-year program is designed to transition all University buildings and parking lots to LED lighting.  When complete, energy consumption for lighting will be reduced by over 80% and the University’s overall energy consumption will be reduced by 30%, resulting in over $1 million dollars in savings per year.