Information For Room Changes

Residence Hall Room Change, Vacancy, and Consolidation Process

In order to provide for maximum space utilization,  the Residence Life Department will enact a room change, vacancy and consolidation process.  

Requesting a Room Change

Students who are interested in a room change may stop by their hall office or contact their Resident Director for information about the room change process.  Students may request a room change into a specific open space or the staff will assist in assigning students into a space.  

Vacancy and Consolidation Process

Students with vacancies will be contacted regarding departmental procedures.  If you are assigned to a double or triple occupancy room with a vacancy, the following options are available:

1)     Request a specific roommate:  You may request a specific resident student to move into your room from another location.  The person you are asking to join you in the room will need to submit a Room Change Request to the hall office for approval of this change.

2)     Consolidate:  You may choose to move into another room where there is an open space by completing a Room Change Request.  You can ask for a specific open space, or the Residence Life Office will assign you.

3)     A roommate will be assigned:  A new student will be assigned to the open space in the room as needed.  The Office of Residence Life will try to provide 24 hours notice when possible regarding newly assigned roommates.  

4)     Requesting a student not currently in housing.  If you would like to request a roommate who is not currently living in on-campus housing, please come to the Residence Life Central Office with the roommate you are requesting.  Your roommate will have to complete a housing contract and pay the required non-refundable$150.00 housing deposit before the request can be processed.

Not Accommodating an Assigned Roommate

Intentionally creating an unwelcoming or hostile environment for an assigned roommate will result in a policy violation of non-compliance with administrative request.  Sanctions imposed upon a student in this instance can include reassignment, probation and/or other sanctions.

Room Change Requests for Open Spaces vs Fully Open Rooms

Students requesting room changes will be assigned to a space where there is a current vacancy.   Fully open rooms are reserved for student requests that meet the occupancy of the requested room.  Students who are interested in single rooms may request to have their name added to the single room wait list for assignment to a designated single room.