Overview of the Reopening Plan

  • The fall semester began on Monday, August 24, 2020 and will conclude on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. Exams and other final projects will be integrated within the semester.

  • Classes are a mix of in-person, online, hybrid, and hyflex (i.e. students can participate via livestream). Under the Governor’s executive order, institutions have been asked to provide students with the option of participation via remote instruction to the extent possible. Course instructors will work with students who may desire a remote option for the course. They also help guide students to the Class Schedules in WP Connect or their advisor as they may be helpful to building their ideal semester of courses via other online or hyflex courses.

  • Our unique freshmen experience program provides a mix of course delivery options designed to support the success of new freshmen through 1000-level cohorted classes. New freshmen are supported by a team of professional advisors and Will. Power. 101 facilitators and peer mentors. Instructors will communicate details to their students.

  • Courses other than those designated as 1000-level freshmen cohorted classes also have a mix of delivery options. Faculty who teach one of these classes have been able to stay wholly online for the first three weeks of the semester or move into the Reopening Plan from the beginning of the semester. Instructors will communicate details to their students.

  • Most courses use Blackboard, the University’s online course platform. In-classroom cameras to allow for synchronous instruction for hyflex courses have been deployed on campus. The University’s Instruction and Research Technology specialists provide support for faculty and students.

  • All members of the campus community are required to practice social or physical distancing by staying at least six feet from others in both indoor and outdoor environments and to wear face coverings, except in private spaces and situations such as when alone in an office or residential room, as outlined in the University’s Social Distancing and Face Covering Policy. In addition, all faculty and staff are required to sign the COVID-19 Reopening Safety Policy, and students are required to sign the COVID-19 Reopening Safety Pioneer Pledge to acknowledge required public health practices and University procedures and protocols that have been developed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

  • Residence halls have opened with reduced capacity that meets social distancing and public health-related risk reduction guidelines. Resident students are required to read and acknowledge a COVID-19-related addendum to their housing contract as a precondition for move-in. When students move in to residence halls, the University clearly communicates expectations, policies and protocols.

  • The University follows social distancing guidelines and other health protocols as recommended by the CDC and the New Jersey Department of Health. The University has also established enhanced cleaning protocols.

Phased Reopening

William Paterson University continues to monitor state and federal guidelines and regulations as they are updated, which inform the return to the campus for work and study. The University’s Reopening Planning Committee is continually developing and refining plans and protocols and updating policies and procedures for a safe return to academics, campus activity, and work. The University will communicate this information using a variety of platforms (email, social media, website, town halls, etc.), as necessary.

For its return to campus in terms of staff, the University has developed a University-wide, phased-in approach. This is being accomplished through assessing mission-critical operations focusing on the institution’s ability to effectively manage the work environment while maintaining social distancing practices and protocols, balanced with the need to access on-site resources. Plans include an Orange and Black schedule consisting of a staggered work schedule to reduce the on-site workforce to 50 percent capacity or less within each department. Staggered reporting and departing times in order to adhere to social distancing requirements may also be implemented. The University implemented the Orange and Black schedule the week of August 31.

As of September 9, 2020, the University is currently in Phase 2.

[Updated February 1, 2021]