Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

In an effort to provide a clean and disinfected learning and working environment, the University’s custodial team has implemented additional cleaning processes to assist in minimizing exposure to COVID-19. Across the campus, hand sanitizer dispensers are located at building entrances. Structural barriers such as Plexiglass sneeze guards have been installed where needed to maintain social distancing. HVAC systems in all buildings have been serviced, and filters have been upgraded and will be changed more frequently.

The University’s Department of Physical Plant Operations is working diligently with custodial staff to ensure cleanliness of all instructional areas, offices, common areas, and restrooms. Guidance has been provided to custodial staff on recommended disinfection practices, proper use of PPE, and applying social distancing guidelines.

Instructional areas, common areas, and restrooms are disinfected daily. All areas are cleaned using CDC-recommended disinfecting and sanitizing sprays, cleaners, and wipes. Cleaning schedules have been established for high-touch areas. Deep cleaning of buildings will occur where required on a daily basis and will incorporate usage of fogging and spraying equipment. Cleaning and work orders for other maintenance needs will be scheduled to minimize contact and will take into account department work schedules and classroom usage. Badge access has been implemented where possible and necessary.

Classrooms and Lab Spaces

Germicidal wipes that appear on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) List N, a list of products approved for use in eradicating the COVID-19 virus, are being provided in classrooms and lab spaces for occupants to use for disinfection needs in between classes. Anyone entering the room can use the individual wipes to disinfect the area prior to occupying a seat. No assumption should be made that the previous occupant cleaned the space prior to leaving.

Waste receptacles are being provided inside each instruction space. All used wipe/towels should be placed in the proper receptacle. The receptacle will be emptied once per night or as needed upon request.

Departments are encouraged to continually assess their current level of supplies. For refills of any supplies, faculty or staff may call 973-720-2142 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

More specifically:

  • General classrooms
    Classrooms are cleaned once per day during the overnight hours during non-occupied times. Trash cans are emptied, and all tabletop and horizontal surfaces are disinfected. Whiteboards are erased and cleaned. Door handles and other high-touch items are disinfected.
  • Lab spaces
    Lab spaces are cleaned once per day during the overnight hours during non-occupied times. Trash cans are emptied, and all lab tabletop and horizontal surfaces are disinfected and wiped down. Whiteboards are erased and cleaned unless information is to remain. Door handles and other high-touch items are disinfected. No scientific equipment is touched to maintain operations of the equipment and experiments in progress.
  • Offices
    Employees will have the option to have the maintenance team enter their office to pick up their trash or to put it outside their door at the end of the day for the night crew to pick up. The night crew sanitizes the door handles on all the offices and suite doors.  Occupants must ensure confidential information is secured within offices. The custodial crew will not remove stacks of papers or items on desks or shelves to clean. All surfaces are cleaned with a disinfecting wipe. If personal items are in spaces, the custodial crew has been advised to avoid disturbing those areas. Vacuuming occurs on a weekly basis or more frequently as needed or requested by the office occupant.
  • Restrooms
    Restrooms are maintained approximately twice per day with additional cleaning in high-traffic bathrooms and for any incident requiring attention. All sinks and toilets are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All paper products are replenished, and waste is removed from receptacles. All surfaces are wiped with a disinfectant solution. Door handles, stall locking mechanisms, and mirrors are wiped down and disinfected. Additional refreshing of restrooms occurs throughout the day, including wiping down sinks, refilling soap dispensers and paper towels, and emptying the trash.
  • Common spaces
    Common spaces which have been approved to be open for use are cleaned and disinfected every night. Staff monitor these areas throughout the day to refresh as needed. Major touch points in buildings, including handrails and door handles, are wiped down three times a day by staff stationed around the buildings who watch over the common spaces.
  • Conference and Seminar Rooms:
    Conference and seminar rooms are cleaned and sanitized once per day during the overnight hours during non-occupied times. Staff coordinate with the events team to make sure there is enough time in between events. Anyone using the room can use the individual wipes to disinfect the area prior to occupying a seat.
  • Residence Halls
    Residential custodial staff clean common spaces daily; this includes wiping down high-touch surfaces, emptying garbage, cleaning floors and furniture, and cleaning public bathrooms in lobby areas.

[Updated August 24, 2021]