Course Repeat Policy

Only currently enrolled undergraduate first degree students may repeat once any course taken toward degree completion in which a grade of D+ or D has been received. A grade of F may be repeated only twice.

  • Students are not eligible to repeat any course taken prior to the effective date of the repeat course policy (FALL 1987).
  • Continuing students DO NOT need to complete an application to repeat courses. Courses will be sytematically updated.
  • Only the last grade will be computed in the GPA.
  • All grades will be shown on the transcript.
  • Courses taken under the repeat grade policy will be noted accordingly on the transcript.
  • The course being repeated may only be taken on a pass/fail basis if it was initally taken pass/fail.
  • Course substitutions are not permitted.
  • Students must be registered and have paid for the courses that are being repeated.