Policies & Procedures

General Policies and Procedures:

1. Participants must follow the policies and procedures of the Department of Athletics and Recreation at William Paterson University Sports & Recreation Center. Failure to follow these policies and procedures may result in administrative and/or disciplinary action, including cancellation of privileges.

2.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in immediate expulsion from the facilities. This includes but is not limited to verbal and/or physical abuse of another individual and/or damage to the facility.

3. Sports & Recreation Center- All students/faculty/staff must present a valid William Paterson University ID or a valid Rec Center Membership ID to enter the building. No valid WPUNJ ID, no entry. Alumni and guests are not permitted for the fall 2021 semester.

   Overlook Fitness Center- All WP students must present a valid William Paterson University student ID to enter Overlook Fitness Center. Faculty/Staff will be permitted to utilize Overlook Fitness Center with a current membership. Alumni and guests are not permitted in Overlook Fitness Center.

4. Appropriate workout attire must be worn when using the facilities. Only non-marking sneakers are allowed in the arena and racquetball courts.

5. All workout areas close 15 minutes prior to the closing of the building.

6. No personal phone calls will be accepted.

7. No requests will be taken for the sound system.

8. All participants must use the appropriate entrance/exit at either facility.

9. No unauthorized photography (cameras, cell phones, other photo devices). No use of cameras, cell phones or recording devices in locker rooms or bathrooms.

10. Participants should enjoy the music played throughout the facility or utilize personal listening devices, such as headphones or earbuds. Users whose music is deemed disruptive by staff - even if being played through a personal listening device - will be asked to lower the volume or turn it off. Failure too adhere to this guideline can lead to dismissal from the facility and/or revocation of user privileges.

Guest Policies
Guests will not be permitted for the fall 2021 semester

1. Sports & Recreation Center participants may sign in one guest, unless they are playing racquetball/wallyball in which case they are allowed three guests. Participants must stay with their guests and must leave together. They may not sign in under another participant's name.

2. All guests must present a valid ID and pay a daily guest fee for access the entire day. Refunds will not be issued for guest fees.

3. Reentry during operating hours is allowed. The guest must be able to present sufficient identification to reenter with.

4. Guests are only allowed to participate in open recreational programs. Participation in all other programs is prohibited.

5. Any guest found guilty of damaging property or violating any policy may lose all privileges immediately. The participant will also be held accountable for damages.

Weight/Fitness Room Policies

1. Prior to using the exercise equipment in this facility, read warning labels and instruction placards affixed to each machine. If you are unsure how to use a machine, seek assistance of our floor personnel. We will be happy to instruct you how to use the equipment properly.

2. Patrons must be 16 years of age or older to use the Weight/Fitness Rooms.

3. Patrons are required to have a dry towel with them while working out to wipe down equipment, benches and cardiovascular machines after use. The towel must be large enough to cover the patron's back

4. Closed toe athletic shoes are required. No street shoes, mules/slides, boots or other hard-soled shoes are allowed.

5. Appropriate workout attire including shirts, shorts or athletic pants are required. No street clothes, denim shorts or pants are allowed.

6. The only beverage allowed in the weight/fitness rooms will be water. Water is allowed in plastic, closed containers. Other beverages are not allowed in the weight/fitness rooms.

7. No gum or other food items allowed in workout areas.

8. All plates and dumbbells must be returned to their proper place.

9. Weights and bars of any kind should not be leaned against the walls, equipment or mirrors.

10. Personal belongings such as gym bags, backpacks, wallets, etc. are to be placed in the locker rooms, cubbies or small box lockers (keys/wallets/phones). WPUNJ will not be responsible for personal property.

11. No chalk in the weight room. Weight training gloves are recommended.

12. Please use equipment properly. Do not slam or drop the plate weights or dumbbells. Top loading additional weights onto the weight stack machines is unsafe and prohibited. The use of equipment for a purpose it was not intended is strictly prohibited. 

13. All free weight equipment must be kept in the weight room.

14. The weight/fitness room attendant on duty have the authority to prohibit any act/actions in violation of weight/fitness room rules or ask any patron to leave the facility, if necessary. 

Racquetball/Volleyball Policies

1. Court reservations may be made one day in advance by calling (973)720-2777 or by visiting the Sports & Recreation Center.

2. It is recommended that protective eye wear be worn at all times. Participation is at your own risk.

3. There is no charge for the racquetball court time.

4. Patrons may request the volleyball net be set up only if there is an open court available. Other participants will not be asked to leave to accommodate volleyball.

Open Recreation Swim Policies

1. All participants must present a valid William Paterson University ID or a Sports & Recreation Center Membership ID to enter the pool.

2. Patrons may bring a maximum of three guests per day and must remain with their guests at all times. Patrons are responsible for their guests.

3. Please enter and exit the pool area through the locker rooms.

4. Participants should not be in the pool or pool area without the presence of a lifeguard. No swimming allowed when the lifeguards is off duty.

5. The lifeguards on duty have the authority to prohibit any act/actions in violation of pool rules or ask any patron to leave the facility, if necessary.

6. Appropriate swimming attire is required. No street shoes allowed on deck.

7. All patrons must shower before entering the water. 

8. No food, gum, drink or glass containers are allowed in the pool area.

9. Diving is allowed from the deep end of the pool only. No diving in the shallow end or off sides of pool. Diving boards and starting blocks are off limits during Open Rec Swim.

10. The use of inflatable devices such as armbands, tubes or rafts is not allowed during Open Rec Swim.

11. Running on the deck or unruly behavior in and around the pool is prohibited.

12. The lifeguards may close the pool, or limit the swimming area, when such action is necessary for the health and safety of our patrons.

13. Personal belongings such as gym bags, backpacks, wallets, etc. should be secured in the appropriate locker room. WPUNJ will not be responsible for personal property.