Control Desk Attendant (General Responsibilities): The Control Desk Attendant is responsible for checking IDs, daily fee collection, equipment checkout, answering phone, retail sales and cleaning. The Control Desk Attendant should be knowledgeable about programs and services  The Control Desk Attendant will assist with any incidental tasks when asked.

Floor Attendant (General Responsibilities): The Floor Attendant is responsible for the operation of areas within the Sports & Recreation Center and safety of the users. The floor attendant must acquire and use a working knowledge of all fitness machines and free weight training along with workout principles. Floor attendants should be regularly circulating through all fitness areas and the arena to monitor the facility and users. The floor attendant should enforce the rules and regulations and clean and sanitize all equipment of the Sports and Recreation Center.  

Special Events Crew (General Responsibilities): The Special Events Crew is responsible for the set up, take down and general cleaning of the Sports and Recreation Center before and after all special events, including but not limited to concerts, trade shows and exhibitions. 

Intramural Official (General Responsibilities): The Intramural Official must learn and effectively apply the rules of the sports program to which they are assigned. The Intramural Official must also insure compliance with the Guides to Participation. No experience is necessary but a basic working knowledge of the sport is required.

Intramural Scorekeeper (General Responsibilities): The Intramural Scorekeeper is responsible for keeping score during the game. The Intramural Scorekeeper must check player's ID, fill out scoresheets, record fouls/timeouts and start and stop the game clock as designated by the rules.

Lifeguard (General Responsibilities): The lifeguard is responsible for the safety and security of the open rec swim participants and the pool area located in Wightman Gym. The Lifeguard is responsible for insuring the policies and procedures are complied with. 

For more information contact the Rec Center at 973.720.2777 or email reccenter@wpunj.edu