Business Registration Certificate

Effective September 1, 2004 business entities or individuals must have on file with the University a copy of their registration, where the value of any single order or cumulative orders in a fiscal year is equal to or exceeds 15% of the public advertised bidding threshold, $4,995 as of 7/1/17.  All purchase orders will be reviewed to insure compliance. No purchase order will be released to vendors who have reached the threshold until a copy of their Certificate is received. If no Certificate is on file, Purchasing will contact the vendor to request a copy. If the vendor does not have a certificate they will be advised of the New Jersey website to apply on-line. Orders subject to Business Registration Certificates will be delayed until receipt of the certificate

A copy of the certificate may be e-mailed to 

Instructions for registering are available at the State's Division of Revenue registration page.

Questions about the registration process, call (609)292-9292

Business Registration Application

Business Registration Application for Individuals

Sample Business Registration Certificate