Bidding Threshold, Processing and Lead times

Bidding Thresholds

The following bidding thresholds are effective as of July 1, 2017 

Level 1. Under $6,000 – Documentation of competitive bids or quotes is not required. The University Staff must use good judgment to assure that the best value is obtained on all purchases, price and all other factors considered.

Level 2. From $6,000 but less than $10,000 - Three price quotes are needed, either verbal or written. The quotes can be obtained by the requisitioning Department or by Purchasing.

Level 3. From $10,000 but less than $33,299 – Three written quotes are needed. The quotes can be obtained by the requisitioning Department or by Purchasing.

Level 4. From $33,300 or above - A public advertised bid must be issued by the Purchasing Department.

Bidding Documentation

Documentation of bidding for Levels 2 and 3 must be forwarded to Purchasing to assure compliance.  Purchasing will maintain the files and provide the documentation when requested during audits.  Please complete the Competitive Quote form to record bidding activity: CompQuoteForm 051418.docx

Bidding Exceptions

Bidding requirements will be satisfied if the purchase is made through an existing contract established as a result of a public advertised bid issued by any of the following: The State of New Jersey Division of Purchase and Property, any municipality or county in the State of New Jersey, any State of New Jersey public college or university, the Federal Supply Schedule of the General Services Administration (GSA), a nationally recognized purchasing cooperative lead by a government agency, a bid waiver authorized by the Purchasing (Purchasing Department Waiver), or a Board of Trustees bid waiver (Board Waiver).

Bid Waivers

The State College Contracts Law permits the waiver of the bidding process for twenty-seven different categories.  In order to qualify for a bid waiver the purchase must be in one of these categories.  Please contact Purchasing for additional information.

Purchasing Department Waiver - The Purchasing Department may waive the bidding process for Level;s 2 and 3 if the collection of bids is impractical or is an emergency situation that effects the safety, health or well being of the University community.  Bidding may be deemed impractical for purchases such as memberships, subscriptions, or sole source items.  Please complete and submit the WPUNJ Purchasing Department Bid Waiver form:  PurchDeptWaiverForm 053118.docx

Board Waiver - Bid waivers for purchases at Level 4 (see above for current dollar amount) require authorization by the Board of Trustees.  Please contact Purchasing for more information.

Due Diligence - While formal bidding is not required for a bid exception or a waiver, University Staff are reminded that due diligence is necessary to assure the University obtains the lowest optimal cost, price and all other factors considered.  Please also consider the University's goal of utilizing small, minority, or woman owned businesses as part of the University's commitment to regional economic development.

Requisition Processing

Purchasing will review all requisitions for compliance with State of New Jersey and University procurement policy.  In addition to validating quotations obtained, Purchasing must also assure that vendors provide the certification and registration documentation required by the State of New Jersey.  Please see the following for requisition processing requirements at various dollar thresholds: WPUNJ_RequisitionProcessingRequirements 070117Rev1.pptx

Other Requirements

Vendors who reach a dollar threshold of $4,995 and above – The Purchasing Department must have a copy of the vendor’s Business Registration Certificate (BRC) as issued by the NJ Division of Revenue. Requisitions will not be approved until the BRC is received. The threshold is the cumulative value of all purchase orders issued to an individual or company, in a given fiscal year.

At $17,500 and above - The vendor must comply with: 1) Public Law 2005, Chapter 51 (formally Executive Order 134, Pay to Play), Public Law 2005, Chapter 271 and Executive Order 117 and 2) Equal Employment Opportunity N.J.S.A. 10:5-31 and N.J.A.C. 17:27. The threshold is the cumulative value of all purchase orders issued to an individual or company, in a given fiscal year.  Purchasing will handle distribution of the required documents to the vendor.

REV 3/2018