Parent and Family November 2018


story imageGreetings from the Vice President
Miki Cammarata, Vice President for Student Development

It is hard to believe that we are already approaching the end of the fall semester! It has been a particularly exciting and busy semester with the Investiture of Dr. Richard Helldobler, the University’s 8th President, and all of our traditional Fall events. We had 528 students and family members attend Family Day and more than 3000 alumni, students, family members, faculty and staff participated in Homecoming activities. Over the last three months students, faculty and staff engaged in educational and celebratory activities for Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities, commemorated Veterans Day with a series of events, and recognized our community responsibility to actively engage in violence awareness and prevention. Our civic engagement activities have been robust, including 9/11 day of service and voter registration and “get out the vote” leading up to mid-term elections.

Students have begun registering for Spring 2019 classes and when they return from Thanksgiving break they will be in the final stretch of the semester. They will need added support during this time, as they utilize campus resources and manage their time effectively in order to have a strong finish. I encourage you to check in with your child to see how she/he/they is doing and encourage adequate sleep and nutrition, time on task for their classes and necessary breaks and stress relief. The University offers a number of activities to assist students in preparing for finals, such as added tutoring and 24/7 Library hours the last two weeks, as well as self-care and distress activities. Please encourage your child to look at the various event and program calendars or contact our office of Campus Activities, Service and Leadership (contact information at the end of this Bulletin) for further information.

I wish you a joyous Thanksgiving and hope that you do not want for people and experiences in your life that you are thankful for. I am thankful for our students, your children, who ensure that every day brings us new opportunities to learn from our youth and grow as a community. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Parent and Family Bulletin and future articles or need advice or assistance in supporting your student’s success at William Paterson University, please do not hesitate to contact me.

story image Planning for Career Success
Sharon Rosengart, Director, Career Development Center

At the Career Development Center at William Paterson University, our mission is to help students prepare for life after college and develop the professional skills needed to achieve career success. Career development is a life-long process in which students learn to manage their learning, work, leisure, and life transitions. Through the programs we offer and one-on-one counseling appointments, our goal is to help students discover more about themselves, gain experience, and make meaningful connections.  

There are certain steps that students should take to help them explore various career options. Just like the best way to prepare for a final exam is to study over time, a student’s job search is something they shouldn’t “cram” for at the last minute. It takes time, reflection, and different experiences that will help a student better define what they’d like to do. We can help students create a road map for their time at William Paterson University by utilizing our Four-Year Career Plan as a guide on their career journey. We encourage students to take an active part in managing their academic experience. Our career development plan allows students to participate in guided activities that teach them how to develop the skills needed to navigate their professional career path. 

Our Four-Year Career Plan is broken down by specific themes and suggested activities based on a student’s year in school. Students are led in a systematic way through processes of Self-Assessment, Exploration, Skill Development, Work Experience, and Self-Branding. Our goal for first-year students is to have them reflect on their interests, values, skills, and personality and begin making connections to majors, careers, and industries. As students enter their sophomore year, we encourage them to build their skills, become involved in the campus community, and start exploring internship opportunities. As they transition into their junior year, a student’s focus should be on gaining experience in their field of interest and making connections within the industry in which they wish to work. Finally, as they get ready to begin their senior year, students should be clarifying their goals, finalizing their resume and cover letters, honing their interview skills, and beginning to plan for life after William Paterson. 

To learn more about our Four-Year Career Plan, visit (and have your student visit!) our Career Development website:

As always, there is a lot happening and much to celebrate at William Paterson University. The University produces a monthly online newsletter entitled “eFocus” which highlights major campus events and accomplishments of students, alumni, faculty and staff.  We invite you to use the following link to access the October issue.

Using Starfish for Success
Linda Refsland, Executive Director, Academic Success Serivces

Starfish is our student connection and alert portal; it allows students to connect to their network of faculty and advisors, see alerts and flags and reach out if they need help.

Here are a few key ways that your student can use Starfish to get off to a strong start and stay on track.

Customize their Profile

  • Students can always access their Starfish page by clicking on the Starfish app within the app's button in WPconnect. 
  • Students can also access Starfish with this link: 
  • Once there, they can click on their name to see their contact information, they can add additional phone numbers, a secondary email, and upload a photo.
  • By clicking on appointment preferences - students can set reminders for any appointments they make through Starfish.

Check Starfish and Email for Alerts, To-Do's and Referrals

  • At the start of the semester faculty will be alerting Academic Development and Advisors of any early warning indicators like attendance, missing materials or other in class-concerns.
  • Advisors and other Success staff will be reaching out to students, providing referrals and next steps as needed to help a student get on track
  • Students will receive email regarding concerns and recommendations on how to address them early - these notes will also be on their Starfish homepage
  • Students should also be aware of key tasks related to financial aid and tuition that are time sensitive - flags will be sent to students regarding these requirements
Raise your hand! raiseyourhand.jpg
  • Students can access assistance by Raising their Hand in Starfish
  • They can connect to help in courses, with financial paperwork and a range of concerns
  • Their request will go directly to the personnel who can assist, and they will then reach out to your student.

Upcoming Dates of Importance
  • Thanksgiving Closings: University Closed: Wednesday November 22 – Sunday,  November 25
  • Residence Halls close (6:00 pm) Wednesday, November 21- (12:00 PM) Sunday, November 25
  • Final Exam Period:  Friday, December 14 – Friday, December 21
  • Fall Semester Ends:  Friday, December 21 (Halls Close at 6:00 pm)
  • First day of Winter Session:  Tuesday, December 26
  • Last day to drop Winter Session Courses: Wednesday, January 3
  • Winter Session Ends:  Sunday, January 14
  • Residence Halls Open for Spring Semester:  Tuesday, January 15 (10:00 am to 6:00 pm)

  • First Day of Classes, Spring 2018 Semester:  Wednesday, January 16

  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday (University Closed):  Monday, January 21

  • Last Day for 100 Percent Refund:  Tuesday, January 22

William Paterson Offices that May Be of Assistance
Academic Success Center
Raubinger Hall-Lower Level
Accessibility Resources Center
Speert Hall 134
Advisement Center
Raubinger Hall 140
Campus Activities, Service and Leadership
Student Center 302
Career Development
Student Center Suite 301
Counseling, Health and Wellness
Overlook South
Dean of Student Development
Student Center Suite 117

New Student Experience
Student Center Suite 301
Recreational Services
Recreation Center
Residence Life
White Hall – Lower Level
Sophomore/Junior Experience
Student Center Suite 301
Student Enrollment Services
Morrison Hall 104
Transfer Student Experience
Student Center Suite 301
Women’s Center
Student Center 312


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