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William Paterson University’s community-wide conversation about research, scholarship and creative expression (RSCE) will culminate for the 2016-2017 Academic Year on April 7 when over 40 faculty and leaders from Academic Affairs and other divisions will come together in a retreat to choose our RSCE priorities.  The core issues that will be considered by retreat participants have been identified through the studies, reports and forums included here on the Engaging a Culture of RSCE webpage.  They fall into seven broad categories: Faculty RSCE Support; Student Learning and Engagement; Faculty RSCE Agenda Development; Student RSCE Supervision; Campus & Community Involvement; Infrastructure and Communication; and Core Values & Commitment.  The many connections across these recommendations will lead to broadly beneficial outcomes for both faculty and students.

A task force will guide WP’s response to the priorities selected during the retreat.  The task force will include representatives from the Provost’s Office, the Faculty Senate’s Research and Scholarship Council, the Office of Sponsored Programs, other WP offices and programs, faculty, and students.  This broad membership will provide a structure for stakeholders, decision makers and those involved in implementing decisions to work together to identify and choose the best accomplishable options to address each priority. 

It is our expectation that some priorities will be able to be addressed very soon while others may require a long-term development and attention.  We also expect that there will be new conversations regarding RSCE that will be encouraged and supported by the task force and the Research and Scholarship Council.  One such conversation that will happen will be to develop a shared a vision for RSCE at WP.

This page currently includes the resources generated by our multi-year conversation.  The materials available in the column on the left include the plans and reports we have generated as well as other resources that have been used.  The information below is from the three fora that were held earlier during the 2016-2017 Academic Year as well as the April 7 retreat.  Additional items will continue to be added as they become available.

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