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Fall 2016


Pioneer Rewind: Remembering the 1996 National Champion Baseball Team
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Pioneer Baseball Team’s NCAA Division III National Championship in 1996. Under the guidance of former head coach Jeff Albies (middle right) and assistant coach Bob Lauterhahn (bottom left), the team finished the 1996 season with a 39-5-1 record en route to a 6-5 victory over California Lutheran on May 29, 1996 in Salem, Virginia. The win marked the team’s second national championship in five years. Players included Ismael Alsina, Brian Appelman, Pete Banach, Rich Bozich, Colin Bristow, Paul Bumbaco, Greg Cimilluca, Steve Cook, Craig Cutler, Mark DeMenna, Dan Egbert, Nick Franklin, Eduardo Gomez, Jason Hawkes, Brian Kelly, Brenden Lago, Joe LaManna, Dan Lauterhahn, Brian Lindner, Mark Maire, Brian Monacelli, Matt Piccini, Marc Salvatore, Mike Scher, Bob Slomkowski, Scott Wolfe, and Bill Zabotka; In addition to Albies and Lauterhahn, coaches included Tom Kraljic, Sean Rooney, Garett Teel, and Ron Van Saders.