$2 Million U.S. Department of Education Grant Supports Development of Leaders for Urban Schools

A nearly $2 million Turnaround School Leaders Program Grant to the University from from the U.S. Department of Education will support the development of leadership programs at four public schools in Paterson and, in cooperation with Kean University, at several schools in Plainfield.

William Paterson will establish the Turnaround Partnerships-New Jersey project in collaboration with School 6, School 10, School 13, and School 28 in Paterson as well as the district leadership of Paterson Public Schools; Kean University and the Charles H. Stillman School and the Hubbard School in Plainfield and the district leadership of Plainfield Public Schools; the Paterson Education Fund; and the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network.

“I am very pleased that the U.S. Department of Education recognizes the leadership position of the College of Education at our University in developing principals and teachers in urban school districts,” says President Kathleen Waldron.

The grant supports graduate coursework for participating Paterson and Plainfield public school district teachers as well as provides funding for embedded professors and leaders in residence in these schools. The funds will also provide professional development for 56 principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders, as well as scholarships for 20 district educators seeking to earn master’s degrees.

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