Peer Leader Program


The objective of the Peer Leader Program is to provide first-year students an opportunity to interact and learn from upper class students who are trained to assist them with their transition to higher education. Peer Leaders serve as role models in the areas of academic achievement and co-curricular involvement in order to help first-year students successfully adjust to university life. The Peer Leader Program pairs upper class students with a Faculty Mentor (the facilitator of the workshops) to provide additional support to new students during their first year at William Paterson University. The Peer Leader works closely with the facilitator on the planning and instruction of the workshops. The program is designed to assist students in making a smooth transition to university life by providing an ongoing opportunity for students to access information from their peers.

Students who have attended 1 or more years at William Paterson University and are interested in becoming a Peer Leader should go to  Students who are already active and involved on campus and maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher make excellent candidates. The interview process takes place in Mid-May & Mid-August, and upon acceptance, is followed by mandatory Peer Leader training at the end of August. Students who have already taken positions as RA's can not be Peers Leaders.

Steps to Apply for Peer Leader Position: