Pioneer Success Seminar (PSS)

The Pioneer Success Seminar (PSS) (formerly known as First-Year Seminar) is a one-credit course that focuses on the tools necessary to become a successful college student. Academic, social, and personal development are major concepts throughout the course. Through class activities, projects in and outside of the classroom, students will acquire time management, classroom-readiness, study skills, problem solving and decision-making skills, as well as getting to know the William Paterson University campus. This course will culminate with students creating and/or presenting an academic roadmap and action plan to achieve academic success and timely degree completion.

This course meets once a week for 15 weeks, for 50 minutes a week.  It is a graduation requirement and students will receive 1.0 credit for successfully completing the course.  The course is co-taught by a trained instructor and Peer Leader and it utilizes success themes from the common experience.  First time-full time students as well as transfer students with 11 or less credits are required to take this course with the following exemptions:

  • Students 25 years of age and older, as of the start of each semester
  • Transfer students with 12 or more college credits
  • Transfer students who took a similar credit bearing course at another state college
  • Students with two or more years of military service and or training

Note:  Although some students are exempt from taking the course, we strongly recommend that all new students participate in this opportunity to learn the culture of higher education at WPUNJ.

Out of the classroom activities include:

  • The common experience week of programming
  • Vision Boards
  • Poetry and Song Slam Jam
  • All Call Meetings
  • And much more.

Click below for a YouTube Video of the Pioneer Success Seminar’s “out of the classroom” trainings and events.