With William Paterson University Faculty

  1. Evadney Brown, with Dr. Peek, Biology
  2. Onyekwere Obinna , with Dr. Menon, Biology
  3. John Urban, with Dr. Patnaik, Biology
  4. Annabelle Beltran, with Dr. Lee, Biology
  5. Joon  Ho Seo, with Dr. Lee, Biology
  6. Andres Salazar, with Drs. Lee and Desroches
  7. Mushood Sheik, with Dr. Martin, Biology
  8. Brandon Colt, with Dr. Becker, Environmental Scien.
  9. Christopher Satch, with Dr. Becker, Environ. Sciences
  10. Stephanie Hill , with Dr. Becker, Environ. Sciences
  11. Ankita Shah, with Dr Chauhan, Chemistry
  1.  Onyekikachi J. Achilike  with Dr. Martin, Biology
  2. Krystal Espinosa with Dr. Martin, Biology