Library Module


This module will encompass several different aspects of information literacy and the research process including plagiarism, basic search skills, and an introduction to the liaison librarian(s) for your degree or courses.


There are three sections to this module, and you must complete all three in order to receive credit.  Remember that you must submit what is assigned in the 2nd and 3rd parts of this module to your facilitator (not the Module contact person/s below).


Attend at least one (1) webinar offered by the Library, from the following list:

  • Plagiarism Workshop
    Learn what constitutes plagiarism, basic citation rules, and resources to get help with citations.
  • Are You Information Literate?
    Discover different ways online information in every day life is presented and learn how to approach online information with a critical eye.
  • Meet Your Librarian
    Did you know that all subject areas have a liaison librarian? This librarian works with your professors and can help you find information for assignments in your major. Meet the librarian from your discipline and hear about different resources you may be using!
  • Using Wikipedia for Research
    When is it OK to use Wikipedia?  How can you use it most effectively for research?  This webinar will introduce the dos and don'ts of using Wikipedia for your academic work!

See the Library Workshops page for dates and times.


Watch at least 2 tutorials and submit your certificates of completion to your facilitator.

Be sure to use the links below, rather than those found on the Library homepage. These links include a quiz about the tutorial content, and require students to sign in in order to get a certificate of completion.


Write a one page reflection paper on the previous two experiences, and answer these questions before submitting the paper to your facilitator.

  • Why do you think that it's important to know about the resources and services available through the Library? Do feel more confident about your research now that you've completed this module? Explain why.
  • Which webinar(s) and tutorials did you complete? Were there any things that you were surprised to learn about? How do you think that these experiences will help you in your future research projects at WP?

Remember to submit your answers to your facilitator to show what you've learned.

Questions about this module? Contact: Cara Berg (bergc1@wpunj.edu) or Tony Joachim (joachima1@wpunj.edu).