Library exhibits are designed and displayed in support of the curriculum and overall cultural, intellectual and recreational functions of the University. In addition, interesting and instructive materials from the local community are displayed.

Spring/Summer 2015 Library Exhibits
Lobby Case
January/February  African American History Month: “A Century of Black Life, History, and Culture”
March Women's History Month: "Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives"
April WPUNJ Authors
May Buzz About the Bees
June TBD
July/August Summer Street Art/Graffiti
Curio Case (2nd floor)
January/February Mardi Gras
March VacciNATION?
April Freedom of Speech/Freedom of Press
May/June Tattoo Art
June/July Amusement Parks and Boardwalks
Curriculum Materials Case
January/February Dinosaurs/Award Books
March Women's History Month - Children's Authors
April Poetry Month - Mother Goose to Silverstein
May/June National Family Month
July/August Sand Castles by the Sea
Humanities Case
Asian Art/Celebrating the Chinese New Year (2/19/15), Year of the Ram
March Graffiti or Anime
April National Poetry Month - New Poet Laureate
May/June Silk Road
July/August Butterflies Flutter By