Managing Spam

Managing SPAM Mail

Create a SPAM Mail Folder

Open Outlook.
Select the Inbox by right clicking on Inbox in your folder list.
Select New Folder from the drop down menu.
Type SPAM Mail in the name.
A new folder named SPAM Mail will display as a subfolder of your inbox.

Create A Rule

Go to the Inbox.
Using the tool bar, select tools, rules wizard, select New, 
Which type of rule do you want to create?
Select "Check messages when they arrive".
Click next at bottom of window.
Which condition do you want to check?
Select "with specific words in the subject" 
In the lower portion of the window, click on "specific words".
Specify words or phrases to search for in the subject.
Type WPU SPAM and click ADD.
Click OK.
Click Next.
What do you want to do with the message?
Select "move to a specified folder".
In the lower portion of the window click on "specified folder", select the newly created spam folder.
Click OK.
Click Next.
Add any exceptions. Do not select anything. Click next.
Specify a name for this rule- will already contain SPAM 
"Turn on this rule now" will be checked.
Click Finish.
You will return to the Rules Wizard window.

Click OK.
Click next at bottom of window.