Viewing and Listening Spaces

  • Individual viewing and listening spaces are located in the Library, room 120G.  Four comfortable rockers with headphone connections are available as well as the traditional carrels for listening and viewing.

Come watch a movie in comfort and ease, alone or with groups. IRT’s Media Services proudly presents new Previewing Spaces:

With financial support from the SGA, we have comfortable, new, state-of-the-art previewing spaces for listening and viewing. There are two areas with boom rocker chairs, a flat screen TV with a DVD/VHS player, CD player and Blu-Ray player. The interactive, ergonomically-designed rockers enable students to sit comfortably with input and output ports providing access to volume controls allowing users to listen with headsets or two built in stereo speakers on the chairs. An ottoman situated between the rockers allows students to take notes.  A splat color coordinated clock is on the wall along with four giclées of musicians designed by a Colorado artist.  For those who prefer more traditional viewing and listening stations, the other side of the room is equipped with four new carrels and leather chairs, flat screen monitors, headphones, DVD/VHS/Blu-Ray players and audio listening equipment