Faculty Workshops & Institutes


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  • Active Learning Institute (ALI)The Active Learning Institute offers guidance to instructors as they plan to implement active learning in their courses. Instructors who are new to active learning will find a comprehensive list of strategies to choose from followed by recommendations to help get them started, while those currently using active learning can extend their practice by considering new contexts, applications, and technology to support the students’ active learning. 
  • Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) - The Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) workshop explores the Quality Matters Rubric and provides a framework to improve the quality of online and blended courses. This is the QM foundation workshop for anyone who might be interested in participating on a peer review team in the future, and participants will surely be able to apply the strategies to their own online course design.  During this workshop participants have the opportunity to explore many standards of the Quality Matters rubric in depth, and to apply those standards to a demo course.
  • Blended Learning Boot Camp - Blended Learning Boot Camp is a 5 day workshop designed to give faculty a working knowledge of blended learning and to help them prepare a blended learning course. A blended learning course takes a new approach of transferring the traditional classroom session into mix of appropriate classroom and online learning activities consistent with the objectives of the course. In Blended Learning Boot Camp, faculty will explore, actively exchange and apply knowledge and ideas concerning blended learning course design and pedagogy.
  • Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology - Library 120k, a lab where professionals will help faculty design coursework from lesson plans through planning an entire course in a relaxing, collaborative atmosphere. instructional design. PCs, Mac, scanner and printer.
  • Enhancing Your Traditional Course with Blackboard and Beyond - The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (CTLT) is proud to introduce Enhancing Your Traditional Course with Blackboard and Beyond, a new course in the Course Certification Curriculum, designed to provide faculty with a base of skills and knowledge in course design and delivery. This workshop focuses on delivery with an introduction to course design. Participants will leave this workshop prepared to make effective use of Blackboard and other technologies in reshaping their traditional courses.
  • Faculty Technology Highlights - Several times a year we put the spotlight on faculty who are making interesting use of technology in the classroom or in research. Visit to see what your colleagues are up to!
  • One-on-one Session - One-on-one sessions help you focus on the subjects that interest you and meet your needs.  All sessions will be held in the CTLT, room 120k of the Cheng Library, unless otherwise advised at the time you sign up. If you have any materials, which can be worked on during the session, feel free to bring them. For example, if you are attending a dotCMS for Web Editors workshop and have a web page started, it may be a good idea to bring it along.
  • Online Pedagogy Institute - An institute offered over the summer using the Blackboard virtual learning environment. The institute will help you understand online learning, promote interactive work and critical thinking, design lesson plans and manage the online classroom effectively.
  • Suggestions for Teaching in an Emergency - Instruction and Research Technology offers support to faculty members in dealing with the possibility of an emergency.