Faculty Technology Highlights - 2013


Bela Florenthal

Bela Florenthal, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing and Management Sciences, has made effective  uses of multiple technologies to support the efforts of the Business Honor Society (Beta Gamma Sigma). Working with IRT, she created a Blackboard organization shell through which she and members can communicate with one another. And to further encourage membership in that society (and in LinkedIn, the professional social networking site), she created a video describing their benefits, hosting it on the NJVID server.

Bela Florenthal

Djanna Hill

Djanna Hill

Also making use of NJVID to host and stream videos is Djanna Hill, Professor in the Department of Secondary and Middle School Education. Working with Tom Nemeth, of IRT, she was able to make videos available for students in her classes to stream, whether they are on campus or off. 

To learn more about NJVid and about how you can make use of it in your own classes, please contact Tom Nemeth, IRT, at 973-720-2416.


Jacob Felson

In the Sociology Department, Associate Professor and Assistant Chairperson Jacob Felson has made the move toward teaching in a Flipped Classroom environments. Working with Jae Kim of IRT, he designed a class where video lectures, reading assignments, and quizzes were viewed and completed prior to class sessions so that in-class time could be spent on learning activities and assisting students with specific challenges and/or difficulties.

To learn more about teaching flipped classes, please contact IRT at 973-720-2659.


Jacob Felson

Loretta McLaughlin Vignier Pixy Ferris

Loretta McLaughlin Vignier and S. Pixy Ferris

Over the Communication Department, meanwhile, Assistant Professor Loretta McLaughlin Vignier and Professor Pixy Ferris have been exploring the use of cell phones for the purpose of test-taking, researching how effective this medium is in comparison to those administered with pen-and-paper. In May of 2013, they shared their findings at the Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching and Learning in Bethesda, MD

To learn more about how you can move from traditional test-taking methods to electronic options, please contact IRT at 973-720-2659.


Tom Heinzen and Michael Gordon

In last year's annual NJEDge.NET Faculty to Faculty Best Practices Showcase, Professor Tom Heinzen and Assistant Professor Michael Gordon discussed their application of game design principles in developing their courses and designing assessments. To quote the abstract of their presentation, "principles of game design are embedded in our culture, motivate participants to excel, and create a continuous feedback loop that provides automatic assessment."

To learn more about how to make use of gaming principles in your classes, please contact IRT at 973-720-2659.


Dr. Elizabeth Ekmekjian

Also using Tegrity to capture and stream her lectures is Elizabeth Ekmekjian, of the Department of Accounting and Law. An experienced user of the Tegrity system, she recently presented on its use at both the Tegrity Users Conference and the Business Professors Teachers Summit and is continually working on new ways in which to make use of the system to meet her students' needs.