Separation of Employment

Policy Description:

All individuals separating from the University are required to return library materials, settle any outstanding loans/debts with the University, return keys, identification cards, computer related software, hardware, reference materials, and other University property to their immediate supervisor. Exceptions for identification cards and library materials apply only to retiring employees. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to return University property, identification cards and a completed Separation Clearance Form to the Office of Human Resources.


  • Supervisor:

    Upon receiving notice of the employee's resignation, termination, or retirement advise the employee of the requirement to return University property, including identification card and library materials.

      • Library materials must be returned to library prior to termination
      • All property, such as tools, keys, uniforms laptop/PCs, cell phones, uniforms, pagers and manuals must be returned to the supervisor before or on the final day of work
      • All University identification cards, including those of family members, must be returned to supervisor on the last day of employment

Return the completed Separation Clearance Form to the Office of Human Resources and all University property collected to the department of its origin.

  • Employee:

      • Contact Bursar's Office (if applicable) for outstanding tuition related obligations.

Click here for Separation Clearance Form