Return from Sick Leave Procedures

The above referenced State and Federal laws mandate employers to furnish notice and information to employees regarding their entitlements and obligations in a specific manner and within designated time frames. Therefore, it is important that any employee in your department or college who may inquire or who you feel may be eligible for leave time under these Acts be referred to the Office of Payroll and Benefits, extension 2124 for consultation.

Also, upon an employee's return from extended sick or medical leave, he/she must again be referred to the Office of Payroll and Benefits with the appropriate medical documentation authorizing their return to work. Because of strict regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and in order to ensure our employee's privacy, no medical documentation or copies thereof are to be kept in any department's files except for the Student Health Center. All medical documentation is to be retained in a separate and secure file in the Office of Human Resources.

To ensure the University's compliance with Federal law, your cooperation is essential.