Direct Deposit Program

Direct deposit is William Paterson University's preferred method of payment to employees. Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing direct deposit:

  • The Service is free to all employees.
  • You can access the direct deposit remittance stub from your computer desktop the day before the check is deposited.
  • No waiting on line at the bank - get cash by going to the bank at off peak hours or use an ATM
  • Avoid having to wait for the check to clear - it’s deposited as cash
  • Split the deposit of your check in up to 4 different accounts
  • On vacation or home sick?- no problem your money will be in the bank even though your not at work

If you still haven't signed up for direct deposit, its easy! Fill out a direct deposit authorization form (found below), attach a voided check (if deposit is going to a checking account) and return the completed and signed form to the Payroll and Benefits Office. We will do the rest.

You will receive 1 final check after you submit your completed form so that your direct deposit can be pre-noted by our bank, after that sit back and watch your money come to you.

If you have any questions about direct deposit, call the Payroll and Employee Benefits Office at extension 2885.

The Direct Deposit Authorization Form can be found on WPConnect

Deadline to submit Direct Deposit Forms:

Direct deposit changes must be submitted in writing to the Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits by the Wednesday prior to payroll process week. Any direct deposit changes received after this date will take effect the following pay period. Example: Pay day occurs Friday, 10/19/18. The direct deposit additions/changes must be received on Wednesday, 10/10/18.