Recruitment and Employee Services Staff

Denise Robinson Lewis, Director Human Resources

Telephone Number: 973-720-2723
e-mail address:

: Manage the overall delivery of services and oversee departmental operations of Recruitment and Employee Services.

Veronica Ruiz, Associate Director - Human Resources 
Telephone Number: 973-720-3594 
e-mail address: 

Responsibilities: Administration of contractual processes and Employee Relations issues.

Karen Blessing, HR Generalist
Telephone Number: 973-720-2723
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Salary Increments; AFT Promotional Calculation; Recruitment Advertising; Liaison Non-immigrant Visa Process; Administration and Maintenance of Employee Data for Faculty, Higher Ed Managers and Professional Staff; Recruitment of Career Service Employees in Non-Competitive Titles and Temporary Agency Staffing.

Myrna Torres, HR Generalist
Telephone Number: 973-720-2887
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Coordination of Professional Development Workshops and Lunch & Learn Programs; Production of Resources Review; Liaison for Career Service Evaluation Process.

Cynthia Lippmann, HR Generalist
Telephone Number: 973-720-2123
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Administration and Maintenance of Employee Data for Students, Project Employees, Adjunct and Overload Faculty Assignments; Competitive Hiring Process; OPRA; Verification of Employment; General Office Support.

Rosemarie Vidal, HR Generalist
Telephone Number: 973-720-2605
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Application Screening and Skills Assessment; Recruitment of Career Services Employees; Administration and Maintenance of Employee Data for Students, Project Employees and Graduate Assistants; Essential Employee Notification Process; Service Awards; Lateral Transfer Process; Employee Separation Process and Probationary Reports.

Melissa Speciale, Administrative Assistant
Telephone Number: (973)720-2605
e-mail address:

Responsibilities: Provides general information to employees and administrative support to department staff.