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Summer 2020 Learning and Development Workshop Recordings:
(click on the links to view recordings; use password following the links)

Summer 2020 Learning & Development workshop recordings

Leveraging your Talents for Career Growth and Advancement
Please click on the link to view recording:
Password:  m9zFQJG*

Stalking Dynamics and Behavior
Please click on the link to view recording:
Password:  YaZy5k2%

Digital Mindfulness & Organization
Digital Mindfulness and Org password

Information Technology Tools and Tips
Password: 3T@@4!&^)

Growth in a Learning Environment
Password: 5H$K$.gq (please move the the cursor along to where the transcript begins to view recording)


more on Professional Development Program
  Speed of Trust is currently active for Leaders.  For information on the Speed of Trust Program, contact Allison Boucher-Jarvis at extension 2605

Lunch & Learn Seminar



LinkedIn Learning - Online Skills Training
To obtain access, go to WP Connect, Employees tab, far left click on Information Technology, under Resources click on LinkedIn Learning