Independent Track


The Independent Track exists to accommodate students whose research interests are not part of another Honors Track. Working with the Director of the Honors College, students design a track that suits their needs. Students must take a series of courses or independent study classes as part of the track and they must complete a final thesis project.


The Track is Ideal For:

  • Students whose research interests are not part of another Honors Track



Students interested in the Independent Track must meet with the Director of the Honors College to discuss their interests. The student must locate one or two advisors from appropriate academic departments to help mentor them. The student and advisor will choose the courses for the track, and they will outline a proposal for the Honors thesis or project. The student will submit a 3-page proposal to the Director of the Honors College that describes each class that will be part of the track and provides a description of the thesis or project. The Director of the Honors College must approve the proposal for a student to enter the Independent Track.


What projects have students completed in the past?

Students in the Independent Track have produced theses with the following titles:


Thesis Title

Student Name


Sleep Deprivation Among College Students


Jennifer Desai



A dendro-archeological study of historic structures from Rockland County, NY


Evan Gerry



Recycled Dreams

Jaime Hall



The Transformation of a Community


Paige Rainville


"Strain diversity effects of Ammophila breviligulata, American Beach Grass, on plant performance under different water availabilities"


Paige Appleton



Racism and Sexism in Education


Rita Vander Stad



3D Printing and Designer Toys


William Wiggins



Role of CCR2+ inflammatory monocytes in defense against Aspergillus fumigatus


Lorato Anderson



The Master of Disguise


Alyssa Beres



Theoretical Investigation of Organic Semiconductor Heterojunction Potentials


Janna Domenico



Effects of Retinola and Phytol on Limb Development in Tadpoles Xenopus laevis


William Manzo



My Life as a Person with Autism


Alexandra Megalos



Public Relations' Influence on a Community-Based Fundraising Event


Brielle Takacs-Senske



Exploring the Creative Process


Nalani DeMarco-Clisset



Knot Theory and the Alexander Polynomial


Jennetta George



Determination of Patterns within Communities of Epiphytic Fungi in Peanut Crops


Jordan Storms



A Study of the Universe through Non-Euclidean Geometry


Daniel Colaneri




How do I enroll?

For further information on this track, consult the director, Dr. Susan Dinan, at (973) 720-3658, or at


About the Track Director:

Susan Dinan received her Ph.D. in European History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1996 and is an Associate Professor in the Department of History. Her research examines gender, poor relief, and healthcare in early modern Europe. She is currently researching outbreaks of plague in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century France and England.