The Counseling Center staff facilitate students' personal, social, and intellectual growth, as well as adjustment to and engagement within the university community. Students are assisted with identifying and working through personal barriers, normal developmental issues and stressors, and clinical problems which could impede academic success.

The Counseling Center is staffed with psychologists, social workers, a psychiatrist consultant, and supervised graduate students.

  • Services

    Individual Counseling

    Psychiatric Services

    Crisis Management


    Alcohol & Drug Assessment

  • Examples of concerns students come to the Counseling Center for

FAQ's About Counseling

  • How do I make an appointment?
  • Is there a cost?
  • What happens when I come in for the first appointment?
  • What can I expect from counseling?
  • What happens if I have an emergency and need to reach a counselor?
  • Is information about my counseling appointments shared with anyone else?
  • I received a call or message from a counselor asking to speak with me. Why did this happen?