Substance Abuse Assessments

Students that have demonstrated substance use, including alcohol misuse on campus are referred to the Counseling, Health and Wellness Center to participate in a mandated three part substance abuse assessment. Assessments can be self-referred or campus-referred.

Mandated Assessments.

Assessments are mandated by the Office of Student Conduct & Dispute Resolution, The Office of Residence life, colleges within the university or administrators at the university that have concerns. The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with personal feedback concerning their personality structure and substance-use patterns and allow them to better understand their pattern of use and various options available for support or treatment at the university and the greater community. Thus, it allows students to examine their attitudes and actions in a judgment-free environment.

Participation consists of a minimum of three sessions. On the first session the student undergoes an in-depth clinical interview in which basic psychosocial information is gathered along with the student’s attitudes and behaviors regarding substances. On the second session the student completes a series of psychometrically sound assessment measures, testing both substance use and personality structure. An Alcohol and Other Drugs specialist analyzes the interview and measures, and provides, on the third session, personalized feedback for the student. Some assessments may consist of urine drug screen and extend beyond three sessions. 

Participants that are mandated are asked to sign consents for the release of information so that pertinent individuals who referred the student are notified when the student has completed his or her assessment. Recommendations are provided at this conclusion of the assessment both to the student and individuals that are included on a consent for the release of information.

Please be aware that confidentiality prevents the Counseling Center from providing information to other individuals in the university about specific substance abuse behavior and information not pertinent to assessment of substance abuse such as family history, relationship history of other unrelated clinical information. 

If you wish to have an assessment, or have any question concerning it, please call 973-720-2257.