Endowments, Restricted and Unrestricted Funds

You may choose to establish an endowment for your loved one, favorite relative, teacher, or leave your own legacy.

Endowments are permanent funds because only the interest earned on an annual basis is allocated for the purpose you specify.  An endowment can be funded with outright gifts over a number of years or though a planned gift or will commitment. The minimum level for an endowment is $25,000.

Restricted funds are those significant gifts that are only to be used for a specific purpose in the University.

If you choose to give unrestricted funds, this enables the University to have maximum flexibility to use the funds where they are needed most and to advance the academic needs of the institution.

William and Mary Kennedy (MS '84)

Inspired by a philosophy of gratitude and giving

Major Contribution
Scholarship Endowment


The Kennedy Endowed Scholarship

William and Mary Kennedy have generously started to endow the Kennedy Scholarship for a William Paterson University student studying communication disorders. Mary earned her graduate degree in the same subject as a nontraditional student at William Paterson. The Kennedy’s know the importance of philanthropy and helping the next generation of deserving students.

Mary stated, “We were motivated to endow a scholarship at William Paterson University because my experience there nearly forty years ago as a graduate student was so positive.  I was reminded of that when called and asked to meet to discuss the possibility of an endowment. Upon reflection, I was reminded that many of the students at William Paterson are first generation college students and in need of financial support.  We were in a position to contribute and wanted to be a part of making a student's ability to complete their education a reality.  We remembered that struggle as young students ourselves.”

The Kennedy’s know how important higher education is and the role it can play in bettering the lives of America’s young people. Mary said, “To someone considering a gift to WPU, I would say, sometimes we just need a reminder. I would ask them to reflect on their own experiences as a student and remember those students who spent each semester hoping they would have enough money to return for the next one.  Remember that education is the way to a better life, and those of us who have been privileged to achieve that have a responsibility to help someone else have that opportunity. Imagine the feeling of knowing you have contributed to a young person's success!”

Chuck Khubani, Ontel Products

 Supporting the Cotsakos College of Business

Major Contribution
Scholarships and Faculty Development

Ontel Products, a $300 million direct response sales and marketing company, has pledged $1 million to William Paterson University in support of students and faculty. The company’s founder and chief executive officer is entrepreneur Chuck Khubani, a 1983 graduate of the University.

The gift will support scholarships for high-achieving incoming students for the University’s Cotsakos College of Business. It will also support faculty development initiatives at the College including increased technical skills that enhance teaching excellence and faculty research and scholarship.

“I am a big supporter of education, and look forward to partnering with William Paterson University and its Cotsakos College of Business to recruit the best and brightest students and to further enhance Ontel’s community service,” says Khubani.

Ontel Products Corporation develops, manufactures, markets and distributes innovative consumer products. Pioneers in the “As Seen On TV” industry, Ontel has been consistently and successfully providing consumers with innovative solutions to their everyday problems. Founded in January 1994 by Chuck Khubani, Ontel Products Corporation quickly became a multi-million dollar business and a leader in the direct response and retail industry. With innovations such as the short-form infomercial and products such as Snap Hook, Gopher, Glass Wizard, Dryer Balls and Swivel Sweeper, Ontel’s products are recognized and used all over the world.