Capital Projects

William Paterson University is striving to provide facilities that contribute to excellence in teaching, learning, community involvement, and creative expression.

University Commons - The Heart of Campus Life

William Paterson’s University Commons—which includes the redesigned John Victor Machuga Student Center, Wayne Hall, and a Conference Center—was created to accommodate the pace of an increasingly active, round-the-clock campus experience. It is the newest example of the University’s commitment to providing opportunities for students to learn and develop leadership skills in a nurturing and enjoyable environment—in classrooms, labs, studios, and residence halls, and throughout our ever-changing campus.
The University Commons continues to be the focus of a unique fundraising campaign sponsored by the William Paterson Foundation. This campaign offers the ability for individuals and businesses to partner with the University, not to provide funds for bricks and mortar, but to develop valuable programs and services for students that enhance college life and develop our future leaders.

Science and Health Building

The University has begun work for a newly renovated Science Building that will provide classrooms and laboratories that enable students to learn in modern facilities from science faculty who, for the first time in many years, will have facilities that match their teaching and research excellence. All students at the University benefit from the resources of Science Hall. Students have hands-on access to scientific and laboratory equipment. This level of access — often reserved for graduate students at research universities — provides invaluable training and research skills that are central to the experiential learning component of a strong liberal arts curriculum. Built in 1972, the Science Hall facilities are long overdue for a physical overhaul that will ensure current and future generations of scientists educated at William Paterson University will continue to excel in their careers.

Hobart Manor

Since 1951, the William Paterson University campus has been built up around the lands of a former historic country estate. Called Ailsa Farms, the property was owned by the family of Garret Hobart, the 24th vice president of the United States who served under William McKinley. Its stately 40-room mansion, nestled in a hollow at the southeastern end of the estate, served as the setting for numerous holiday parties and important social events, a place where dignitaries and prominent business people of the time gathered. The Tudor-style mansion, Hobart Manor, with its public reception rooms partially restored nearly 20 years ago, continues to serve as a historic attraction. Today, Hobart Manor is our most treasured campus hallmark. Serving as the central point for University receptions and as the headquarters of the president, Hobart Manor is in need of artful reinvigoration to bring it back to its original elegance and pristine condition. Read about the Hobart Manor Revitalization Campaign.

Recreation Center

Long-range plans include a renovation of the Recreation Center as a venue for our intercollegiate athletic programs that will also meet the growing needs of our students. An updated and expanded Recreation Center will serve the entire campus community by providing space for intramural sports and other recreational activities, as well as an expanded fitness center.